Atmantan is a luxury wellness resort. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to health. It offers naturopathy, Ayurveda, physiotherapy, yoga and more.

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Atmantan is a luxury resort with an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare and wellness. It offers the full suite of Ayurvedic treatments in addition to naturopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, physiotherapy and other health disciplines. The approach to wellness is thus truly holistic and multi-disciplinary. Atmantan stands apart from other health resorts because it offers gourmet food, inspired by the principles of Ayurveda and naturopathy. If you dislike Indian food, you will find plenty of alternatives at Atmantan. If you worry about boredom, go to Atmantan. It offers more activities than any other health resort in India – yoga, TRX, dance fitness, Pilates, aquatics, aerobics, cooking classes, health talks, and trekking, to name only a few. The resort has an amazing gym, indoor pool, and clubhouse with indoor games. However, be warned: wifi is only available in your room; your mobile phone may not work; and alcohol and smoking are not permitted.

Why we love Atmantan

  • The doctors at Atmantan are highly educated and generally competent in more than one health discipline. A broad range of Ayurvedic treatments, including proper Panchakarma (detoxification), are available at Atmantan in addition to naturopathy, physiotherapy and other healing therapies. Atmantan's approach is truly holistic.
  • In a pandemic world, Atmantan is leading the wellness hospitality industry in India by adopting international best practices for sanitizing rooms and facilities with a view to ensuring the complete safety and comfort of its guests.
  • Spa treatments are outstanding.
  • A great variety of fitness classes are held throughout the day at Atmantan offering a level of choice and flexibility that no other health resort in India offers.
  • Food at Atmantan is magical. Fresh, clean, alive and healthy. You will want to try everything on the menu.
  • Atmantan's mountain air is cool, clean and refreshing, in stark contrast to the heat and smog in the major cities.
  • The fitness centre at Atmantan is far superior to any other gym at any health resort in India.
  • The lake views from different vantage points at the resort are beautiful.


  • “Vistara” is the main restaurant, offering a wide-range of wellness dishes, including vegetarian, chicken and seafood preparations. It opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is indoor as well as outdoor seating, with spectacular views of the lake and mountainous surroundings.
  • “Chantara" is the alfresco dining lounge at Atmantan, which serves innovative grills and sizzlers. If offers entertainment as well interactive dining experiences. It is open only in the evenings and may be closed during periods of low occupancy
  • "Te-jus" is a juice bar and cafe serving tea, coffee, and healthy snacks. If you need a daily caffeine fix, Te-jus is where it happens.


  • Continental wellness diet available
  • Gluten-free diet available (no wheat)
  • Italian wellness diet available
  • Jain diet available
  • Non-veg wellness diet available
  • Plated meals only
  • Vegan diet available (no dairy)
  • Ayurvedic Meals Plan

Coffee / Tea

  • Herbal teas available (without caffeine)
Ayurvedic Treatments:

Resort Policy

  • The resort is for Adults only. Children under the age of 18 years are not permitted.
  • Caffeinated drinks are strictly not served.
  • Resort is 100% pure vegetarian. Eggs are not served.
  • Consuming alcohol at the resort may result in dismissal or fines.
  • Smoking allowed in designated outdoor areas only.
Tourist Attractions and Outdoor Activities:
Exclusions and Policies:

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Great service and an even better stay.
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Great service and an even better stay.
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